Visual Synergy:

A visual interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.  When all your branding visuals work together to hit their targets!

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The Creative Team of Gabe & Nicole Bonilla

About Us


Strategically and creatively designed to represent your brand


Dynamic printed materials including business cards, brochures, signage, packaging, and trade show exhibits


Designing the content, navigation, and user experience for your online presence


Capturing your brand Including product, architecture, lifestyle, personal branding and corporate headshots


Telling your story or testimonial in compelling video to promote your business and increase online engagement


“Although we reside in different states, I value our long term relationship and that I can call them when I need them. This flexibility is invaluable to me as a marketing director. Gabe and Nicole are honest, hard-working and always have my best interests in mind. I highly recommend Bonilla Design for any industry.”

—Brian Wilcox, Marketing Director

“With Bonilla Design I get more than just great graphic design—but consistent, smart design. They are very strategic in their approach and are able to project manage beyond their job description. I can always count on receiving top-quality, high-end, graphic design solutions. I’ve been constantly amazed over the years at their skill of taking a new product concept and creatively bringing it to life from the logo, to packaging, to collateral, to website.”

—Thomas C., Business Owner

“Gabe and Nicole are more than designers and graphic artists. Bonilla Design offers a unique combination of outstanding creative ability, technical graphic and layout skills, along with an understanding of how design should be utilized to achieve marketing and business objectives.”

–S Cheng, President