About Bonilla Design

Be noticed. Be global. Be cutting-edge. Whatever your product or service needs to be to your customer, we can create it. How? By using our talent, experience and expertise at channeling the power of visual communication.

Gabe & Nicole Bonilla: A husband & wife team proving two brains are more creative than one!

We are both Southern California natives and met in design school at Brigham Young University. We decided to join forces both personally and professionally in 1996. Between the two of us we have over 36 years of design experience, a bachelor of fine arts in illustration, a bachelor of visual arts (graphic design), and a minor in marketing/copywriting. (Oh, and six lovely children).

Pooling our training, talents and experience allows us to provide you with a wider array of creativity and resources. And having the ability to ‘tag team’ with each other ensures your project will be completed to the best of our joint abilities.

Agency talent without the agency price tag.

We are agency trained yet have given up the hi-rise, glass walls for the brick and mortar of a home studio. Thus, we are able to pass along the savings to you. There are no junior level designers here. You get the experienced, senior-level team of Gabe & Nicole every time.

Bonilla Design is value-added personified. When you engage this talented husband and wife design team, you’ll not only get creative designs that fit your product or service like a glove, but they also offer additional ideas and suggestions you might normally expect from a costly advertising agency. Whether it’s print or web, their work is always well conceived, beautifully executed, on time and on budget. There are a number of good designers out there, but it’s rare to find any who create designs that compliment the copy as well as Nicole & Gabe. –Dana Cynaumon, Marketing Director

On budget. On time. What a novel concept!

Do you like surprises? Maybe only on your birthday. But not when it comes to budgets and schedules. Not only are we great designers but great problem solvers too. We clearly establish the goals, timeline and budget at the beginning of every project to avoid any unwelcome surprises down the road. Thus, you will find our work ethic is up to par with our creative talent and equally important to the completion of a successful project.

 We have used Bonilla Design for development of marketing collateral and for development of advertising for industry periodicals. Gabe and Nicole are pleasant to work with, and they have always completed projects on time and under budget. –Brian Crow, Marketing Director, Rinchem

Not just pretty pictures.

Designing an attractive marketing piece without a creative strategy is like building a ferrari and forgetting to include the engine. It sure is pretty but it won’t get you where you need to go. That’s why at the core of every one of our marketing pieces is a solid creative strategy. The creative strategy details the objectives of the piece and can include information about the target market, main competitors, a description of the desired brand, deadlines, budgets, etc. The creative strategy keeps all parties on the same page and keeps the project from drifting off course.

Gabe and Nicole are more than designers and graphic artists. Bonilla Design offers a unique combination of outstanding creative ability, technical graphic and layout skills, along with an understanding of how design should be utilized to achieve marketing and business objectives. –Steve Cheng, President

Call in the Special Teams.

Consider us your special team for great design. Call us in when you need us. Then we can return to the sideline when you don’t. You end up with the availability of a full-time design staff without the responsibility and stress of supporting full-time employees—especially in today’s economy.

Although we reside in different states, I value our long term relationship and that I can call them when I need them. This flexibility is invaluable to me as a marketing director. Gabe and Nicole are honest, hard-working and always have my best interests in mind. I highly recommend Bonilla Design for any industry. –Thomas Cheng, Marketing Director

More hats than the mad hatter.

No matter what your product category, we can design for it. In the last 18 years, we’ve designed for over hundreds of different clients selling a wide variety of products and services. We thrive on the challenge of quickly becoming experts in your field and wearing a new hat. We’ll pull from our arsenal of universally effective design principles and apply them to the unique characteristics of your project.

Bonilla Design is a trusted partner. They understand that effective communication — in print, online, or any medium — is about more than just content. It’s about tapping into the themes of a campaign and expressing them in ways that are artful, while respecting the essential business purpose. –Greg Newman, Apollo Communications

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