Big Agency Talent without the Big Agency Price

We are agency trained yet have given up the hi-rise, glass walls for the brick and mortar of a home studio. Thus, we are able to pass along the savings to you. There are no junior level designers here. You get the experienced, senior-level team of Gabe & Nicole every time.


Strategically and creatively designed to represent your brand.

We can start from scratch or refresh an existing brand logo. Our logo design process includes 12-15 black/white logo comps to remove any color biases. The second round includes 8-12 color comps of the selected black/white logo. Then the client is delivered the final logo in a variety of file formats.

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Dynamic printed materials including business cards, brochures, signage, packaging, and trade show exhibits

Creative strategy is king behind all our collateral design. In this evolving digital age collateral design straddles online and printed pieces. Regardless of the format our emphasis is on the strategic messaging and how each piece fits in with the overall brand.

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Designing the content, navigation, and user experience for your online presence

Communicating your brand within the first few seconds of engagement among all digital devices is our specialty. We can ensure brand constancy among messaging, graphics, photography, promo videos, user experience and navigation. We partner with skilled digital marketers and programmers who offer complex dynamic functionality, SEO and digital marketing.

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Capturing your brand Including product, architecture, lifestyle, personal branding and corporate headshots

We can provide all the photography needed for a website or collateral piece maintaining high-quality synergy throughout the entire project. We provide commercial, product and portrait photography in our home portrait studio or on location. 

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Telling your story or testimonial in compelling video to promote your business and increase online engagement

We provide short video filming, directing, writing and editing to convey your story or brand benefit. We operate with a small crew and specialize in testimonial and short promotional videos.

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“Bonilla Design is value-added personified. When you engage this talented husband and wife design team, you’ll not only get creative designs that fit your product or service like a glove, but they also offer additional ideas and suggestions you might normally expect from a costly advertising agency. Whether it’s print or web, their work is always well conceived, beautifully executed, on time and on budget. There are a number of good designers out there, but it’s rare to find any who create designs that compliment the copy as well as Nicole & Gabe.” –Dana Cynaumon, Marketing Director