Nicole Carson Bonilla of Bonilla Design brings a unique skillset to the designing of marketing materials for the western industry. She was born and raised in North Hollywood, California and grew up performing in the Carson Family Western Show. The show began in the early 1930’s with Nicole’s Grandfather, Buss Carson, who was a peer to some of the great cowboys like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. At that time, the Carson Stuntcapade, which consisted of roman riding, trick riding & roping, liberty drill, and dog acts, toured the United States, Mexico, and Canada performing at large fairs and rodeos. Buss Carson also had the honor of riding in the Pasadena Rose Parade on his beautiful Bohlin sterling silver saddle for 35 consecutive years.


Nicole’s Father, Merrill Carson, decided to continue the family business and transformed the show into an after-school fundraising extravaganza for elementary schools around Southern California. Nicole started singing in the show at the age of 3. A few years later she began performing with her four sisters and one brother doing trick-roping, can-can, clogging, singing, and a dog act with poodles and dalmations. At the age of 15, Nicole took over the main horse act with her beautiful palomino stallion, Majestic (great-grandson of Roy Rogers’ horse Trigger). The ‘high school’ act showcased various stunts and tricks set to music.



In 2005, Nicole and Gabe moved to Chandler from Orange County, California. Nicole got back in touch with her western roots and started riding again. She was recruited by the Cowgirls Historical Foundation—a non-profit organization that serves as ambassadors of western heritage and equestrian lifestyle. The CHF Cowgirls perform a high-speed drill at rodeos, have ridden in the Tournament of Roses for the last six years, are featured in western fashion shows, conduct television and radio interviews, help raise money for returning soldiers, and participates in Phoenix celebrity charity events. Nicole was appointed president of the organization and considers it an honor to be associated with this prestigious group of accomplished women.



Nicole has a passion for the western lifestyle and preserving the traditions of her family legacy. She thrills at opportunities to apply her graphic design and marketing education and skills to promoting companies in the western industry. She brings a level of professionalism and artistry to western graphic that is a unique asset to her clients.


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The first time I saw Nicole Bonilla and Bonilla Design’s work was with truly shocking and incredible disbelief! The design work was so beautiful, very creative, artistic, and some of the most professional I had ever seen.  I was the President of Cowgirls Historical Foundation at the time and I very much believe the design work that was done by Nicole and Bonilla Design was instrumental in moving CHF into a more credible and respected position as an organization. Not only did I serve in a leadership position but also as a photographer at CHF and continue to photograph for the organization today.  It is so wonderful to work with someone who understands the art of photography so well and can present the work of a professional photographer that ensures confidence and high quality results. I would recommend Bonilla Design to anyone that is looking for one of the best in their class producing high quality work. –Patricia Gomez